Sebastian Richards

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Brains behind the brawn, CEO and founder Sebastian has established M.A.D.E. as a globally focused leader in the entertainment segment, delivering next generation solutions that are transforming the industry. An Ivy league graduate from the University of Pennsylvania & the Wharton school of Business, Sebastian comes from a family of traced musical talent. Sebastian started out as a management consultant for an independent motion picture movie group, specializing in strategy where as a young entrepreneur he was a key force in sales and promotions. He moved on to develop M.A.D.E for consistency in brand results across the entertainment industry.

Sebastian Richards is the founder of the M.A.D.E. and  In this capacity, he is one of a team responsible for evaluating and understanding attitudes and behaviors of popular culture and developing trends to promote the sport of wrestling and musical artists across the company’s portfolio, with a specific emphasis on entertainment. In his current position, Richards supports Movie producers and record companies and other music-related businesses with music, brand strategy development and new opportunities.  He focuses on executing and reviewing the functional organization and progress of individual projects.  Richards is based in New York.

Working hand-in-hand with 20th Century Fox, Richards headed the development of the Musical soundtrack and licensing deal with the producers and directors of In Her Shoes (2005).  Richards also has particular expertise in the development of new projects, advertising and branding initiatives, having lead strategy development for platinum selling and independent music artists, including, the website extension of a song that generated Olympic awareness, through cross-platform promotion practices and opportunities. He founded M.A.D.E. to serve as a developer of global music brands. Earlier in his career, Richards was an executive producer with B.M.R. Entertainment and a manager to the motion picture music group that appeared in the 2005 20th Century Fox motion picture, In Her Shoes, starring Cameron Diaz, that peaked at #3 in the box office and generated $10.2 million in sales during the first week.

Richards earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania with a study in Consumer Psychology from the Wharton School of Business.

December 2008