There are informative PDF documents available within the ‘downloads’ section of the Musical A.D.E. website. These contain more information than can generally be fitted onto the web page and have the added value of being formatted for easy printing. To read PDFs, you will need Adobe Reader.

What is M.A.D.E?

M.A.D.E. Develops and implements dynamic marketing campaigns with a focus on musical artists. We offer full campaigns with an emphasis on the artists career, now and for the future, for maximum results. Our campaigns make it possible to allow projects to be shared between different types of markets at a higher rate.

What’s the difference between individual services and Getting M.A.D.E.

While M.A.D.E. offers individual items, Campaigns are much more suited to longer career focuses than an individual service and have the added advantage of being comprehensive, strategic, career focused and all inclusive. Individual services are suited for those who have other pieces to their campaign and intend to run their own campaigns. Get M.A.D.E. – All you need to do is be yourself and do what you do. We handle the rest. We coordinate all aspects to your campaign including development and the implementation of your project.

How do I get M.A.D.E.?

Before you start, we recommend that you think of clear goals and milestones for your project and career. M.A.D.E. will integrate these goals and objectives into the project to assist the growth of your career and project. We will assist with establishing these goals and might not do so correctly if you are ambiguous. We will however work with you in defining these goals so that they are measurable. Once we setup these goals and objectives simply follow the itinerary and instructions until the process is complete. You can now measure your progress. When you get M.A.D.E., the opportunities are endless. You will notice a new platform that is engaging and dynamic to those exposed -at a class that is at the top of the industry. This is M.A.D.E.

What happens after M.A.D.E.?

Some companies give you services and once they are completed they say thank you for doing business and walk away leaving you on your own. We stick with you beyond the completion of the project. At this point we are in a better position to work with you Since we will have more to work with. We have an investor relations program for investors to have an opportunity to invest. We also do company wide promotions that include the artists within M.A.D.E. To expose the company we expose the artists. The work speaks for itself. When the artists looks good, so do we.

How do I get the best from my project?

Our campaigns are optimized for results, which means that you can very easily make progress by simply following our itinerary at your own pace. You can visit the itinerary to examine different parts of your project at any time. Furthermore, by using the itinerary, all you need to do is to do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it, or communicate otherwise. This will maintain the flow and consistency of the project.

How much does it costs?

While some projects require similar things, each person is different and so are each projects specifications. We can work with just about any budget. More is better. We have a great car that can win the race. Just needs the gas. We also provide long term planning. We allow installments to be made towards the projects and work in segments until completion. We emphasize smart budgeting.  Most people think that what they have in their pocket is their budget. However, if you sold $1,000,000 in units, you would not use $1,000,000 towards your next project. You would still need to account for living expenses etc. and allot a proper budget.  The important thing is to get started and have a solid plan that is feasible while allowing yourself the ability to play another round.

How can I structure my investment?

There are two ways to structure your investment. You could either pay a bulk amount upfront which will usually save you time, money and get the project done faster, or you could take a longer term approach by taking several month’s or a year to make consistent investments over a period of time. With both options we will set you up on a timeline so you know where you are in the process at all times. Either way is productive.