The entertainment industry faces significant challenges, including new product development, distribution issues, and profit. At the same time, music companies have the opportunity to respond to the demands of consumers who embrace new formats and legitimate music services. Companies are forced to face these challenges while juggling business issues, including rising costs for marketing, music promotion and making a profit.


M.A.D.E. is helping you by providing an infrastructure that supports your goals while helping to build brands creatively and effectively

Content Creation

M.A.D.E. solutions for campaign creation enables brands to create rich media content and deliver unique consumer experiences.


M.A.D.E. management solutions enable companies to better manage their projects workflow.

Advertising management

M.A.D.E. solutions for advertising brand management provides you with a 360 degree view of the customer and the campaigns, encompassing the consumer lifestyle and the product lifecycle. Effective and efficient campaign management is at the core of our approach for delivering campaign return on investments.

Media Intelligence

M.A.D.E. solutions for media intelligence converts ad/exposure, demographic and other data into insights. Our solutions can help you deliver dynamic insights to target the right people anytime, wherever they may be, to keep the campaign return on investment on track.

Digital Distribution

M.A.D.E. for digital distribution enables you to provide your fans with a web based retailing experience, speeding up the purchase process and dramatically reducing the cost of the transactions compared to physical distribution.

Investment increase

M.A.D.E. has a suite of services like campaign development, imaging, design and campaign launch which you can utilize to enhance the value, and market worth, for the content being offered to the market or investors.