Strategic Distribution and Fulfillment

Through an intensive selection process, we have selected the strongest distribution and fulfillment vendors best suited for the entertainment market.


Level 1:  Currently, our retail vendors can ship nationally and internationally via warehouses in the US. This is not just a music hub. This helps maximize income for whatever you wan to sell including cd’s or merchandise.

Level II: Our vendors can strategically place your product in stores with in store promotions to drive exposure (Has produced Billboard successes in the past).

Digital Distribution

Level I: Our digital vendors reach the most prominent digital suppliers including itunes, Rhapsody and more.

Level II: provides unsigned artists with access to such coveted major label services as worldwide distribution. Artist will not only get their music distributed  through major retailers like Starbucks,, FYE, MTV, Video Retailers, DJ Services and Mobile Video, among many others, but they will reach many countries including Europe, France, South America and beyond. Label execs will monitor Artists who use this service. You will have the opportunity to gain the attention of the affiliated major label to be selected to graduate onto that label.

Level III: Mobile Top Tier Retailers for ringtone distribution

Their trusted experience ensures that your customers are receiving the highest in care and satisfaction, from checkout to fulfillment and beyond.