In a crowded and competitive market, Custo needed a campaign to set him apart. He had the right concept and the perfect style, but lacked an image and strategy that reflected his vibrancy and viability.


We welcomed this challenge by creating an experience that fits the brand personality to a T. Anchored by a signature CUSTO design for his Real vs. Fake concept, the campaign has a unified look, a real voice, powerful imagery and strategic media: elements that unite to position CUSTO as a key player in the contemporary market.

And what does it mean to be current if you aren’t real? Our promotional quiz allows fans to easily take the Real vs Fake quiz to win a real 100 bill for keeping it 100 ensuring that CUSTO’S fans stay engaged.


Custo has proven that he continues to be a leader to be reckoned with. His launch exceeded all initial objectives. Since then, Custo has continued to see growth, including new show openings and a widening of his loyal fan base. Shows include bookings to open for Young Money in Miami During Super Bowl weekend, a post Jay Z performance for the official Power House afterparty just two weeks after joining M.A.D.E., Multiple features in XXL Magazine, and powerful networking with A list celebrities.