I’ma Wrestler


As a staple of the sport of wrestling, I’ma Wrestler, the song, had built a loyal following that was buzzing for all things I’ma Wrestler. The sport already had a loyal following but what was missing was a way for pop culture to connect to the sport. They had existing outlets through WWE, UFC, USA Wrestling etc. but I’ma Wrestler was a way  to spark that connection and reinvigorate the sport within pop culture.


The first phase of I’m A Wrestler’s next generation campaign, is a lifestyle showcase of the sports legacy. We constructed a locker room setting with a poignant mood by tactfully playing with light and shadow, for the song that contrasted wrestling culture with pop culture themes. And, with an unparalleled depth of media content, fans can explore I’ma wrestler in Wrestling International News Magazine, Wrestling USA Magazine, a feature from the Olympic Committee, a six (6) state tour in MT, NB, ND, PA, MI, NY (Madison Square Garden and Times Square) all generating about .5 million online hits in about four months.

Phase two will further evolve the site with an ecommerce community. Users can explore behind-the-scene videos, live shows, technique video, nutrition tips, as well as delve into the history of the sport and the brand.


Response to I’m A Wreslter has been overwhelming. Anecdotal evidence reveals one fan so thrilled with the song, he emailed to say that he remembered the lyrics so that when he is in school and cannot listen to his ipod he can sing it to himself. Once advertised fans immediately called in to place orders.

Piggybacking on the brand site’s success, we have also created a microsite for I’m A Wrestler merchandise and clothing.