Scorp Da Boy’s exponential growth (and loyal fans) demanded a revamped campaign and website that ushered Scorp into the next generation. A site that could strengthen the brand’s relationship with the consumer and generate an even greater revenue stream.


We developed a portal that infuses interactivity to create a unique brand, Raps, Tats and higher learning hybrid. Most importantly, we designed it to be fun. The site serves as the central hub for Scorp lovers to shop, interact and play, with such exciting features as Posting Highdeas, Testing your High Q, webisodes, switch activated black lights, gumball machines, tips and tricks.

Once again, our tactics have allowed the brand to further evolve and grow as new features are introduced and as consumers connect and find themselves living in weedality.


Scorp fans are hooked. Repeat visitors have nearly tripled since the site’s launch in September 2008.

Scorp Da Boy and M.A.D.E. continue to brand via mass media and by using well-defined markets to share the culture.